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Dawgs Win Again Shirt

And she’s right! What has made Keaton such an indelible style icon is her consistency and personality. But this spring and summer, she’s looking to shake things up… Just a bit. “I think I will give navy blue a try this spring, but I am never letting go of black, camel, and white for the […]

Vaccinated and Caffeinated Phlebotomist Life shirt

Bechdel’s graphic novels are often placed into contextual conversation with the work of other writers, and The Secret to Superhuman Strength is no exception. She ping-pongs between her own ideas and those of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jack Kerouac, and Adrienne Rich, creating a canon around the art of moving one’s body that joyfully complicates the Vaccinated […]

The Firefighter always ready shirt

Those aren’t issues because black people in the The Firefighter always ready shirt and I love this USA didn’t get a welfare check because their ancestors were slaves or something. People actually being locked up with physical chains, raped, murdered, children separated and sold, etc. It’s one of the few places that slavery still exists […]

The Rabbit Duck Illusion Shirt

That’s why living in California was such a crucial thing for me because I just need nature consistently. I love my dog. I mean, there’s nothing like coming back and sleeping and cuddling with them. I love painting, drawing, sketching. That’s something I’ve always felt very passionate about and gives me a lot of energy, […]