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She only told the truth when I promised that I would support her no matter what. My niece was born on December 19. She is named Aseda, which means ‘thanksgiving. After birth, everything seems to be fine. My sister and I are on the phone. She sent me pictures. But on Christmas Eve, complications begin. Her condition worsened quickly. The doctor said she needed to go to another hospital. But she never did.

Nice 2022 Champion Joey Logano Iconic Car T-shirt

She died beside me after an ambulance. Before she passed by, she told me – in our native language, she said: Bro Ato, whatever you do for me, please do for my child. Everything after that was like a bad dream. I just lost my sister, and suddenly I’m looking after a premature baby. I have to feed my children. There is no formula in the hospital. I had to search everywhere. I did not have time to sleep.

Nice 2022 Champion Joey Logano Iconic Car T-s Hoodie

I did not have time to mourn. But somehow I found strength. There are some things you don’t know about you. Aseda was nearly four months old. My girlfriend helped me every step of the way. She was wonderful and I am very grateful. Our plan is to legally accept Aseda. It was a very personal thing to me. I want the child to stay with me. I’ve been with her since the first hour. This is what I need to do for the baby. For you. And for humanity.

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