Chicago Bears Grinch Santa Toilet shirt

Chicago Bears Grinch Santa Toilet shirt
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I can see it now, by the time the second batch of Chicago Bears Grinch Santa Toilet shirt come out of the oven the first 4 would be gone! Crissi Long thats wat i was wondering lmao….gunna take them awhile to get ALL of them done. Looks like she made big cookies. You could make regular sized ones.

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Chicago Bears Grinch Santa Toilet shirt right that’s funny I guess you’re just showing you how to do it laugh out loud. Crissi Long haha I was thinking the same.. it’s going to take all night cooking them like that. Chicago Bears Grinch Santa Toilet shirt to add to the Christmas selection. Bet they’d be good with mint flavor too. you need to try these….may have a better turn out than the eyeball Halloween cookies!  I’d make them about 1/2 that size. Why make them so big? They should be a treat, not a meal. They do look good, though.

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