Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt

Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt
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my father was born in 1919 and always spoke of cutting hay & grain and burying for Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt when he was a teenager – we’ve just all gotten a bit complacent and it’s time to revisit & improve on these age old practices.

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I have a question about Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt. Here in Canada, they’re considered an excellent food crop. They can be fed to variety of livestock, as the stems and leaves have protein. Are the blackberries in Australia a different species of plant? Are they invasive? Im just wondering why, when talking about spraying weeds down, they mentioned the berries. We have silage buried and currently feeding to weaners and bulls. Julia Eagles they cover entire farms given Don’t stop Retrieving’ new shirt, birds spread them water spreads it, it chokes the creeks and rivers, .. hard to get rid of. Brilliant. So prepared. Congratulations. Hopefully this technique will be applied in the future by other farmers.

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