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Worsening drought is causing ranchers to take a financial hit Rancher Rob Hendry weighs in on the severity of the drought and how it has affected his cattle on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ As the COVID-19 pandemic raged over the last year, California’s almond industry has thrived. Now, new water restrictions due to the West’s historic drought could turn the more than $6 billion dollar industry’s luck for the worse after the state’s Water Resources Control Board approved an emergency resolution that empowers regulators to halt diversions from the state’s two largest river systems. The order could apply to around 86% of landowners who have legal rights to divert water from the San Joaquin and Sacramento river watersheds. The remaining 14% could be impacted if conditions worsen. As demand increases, critical water resources in the state continue to dry up and California made the decision Thursday to shut down the Edward Hyatt Power Plant, one of its largest hydropower plants. TRIBE BECOMES KEY WATER PLAYER WITH DROUGHT AID TO ARIZONA While reservoirs parch, almond growers are working to meet a continued surge in demand for their product. The state grows about 85% of the world’s supply, sending almonds to China and India. Many in the industry have been put between a rock and a hard place – largely depending on where they’re located – with those who have held water rights in the state the longest impacted the least. Woolf Farming & Processing President and CEO Stuart Woolf, whose family-owned business has operated on the west side

Official Kalifornia republic T-shirt

of Fresno County since the mid-1940s, is near the “bottom” of priority rights. “You know, for the last couple of decades we’ve been losing our surface water; it’s been diverted for other things. So, we’re kind of used to not getting our water and trying to figure out how to do a workaround,” he told Fox Business on Friday. “And like, now they’re starting to tell guys that have senior riparian rights, ‘You can’t pump out of the river anymore.’ And, we’re just hearing people totally freaking out about it because they’ve never had to do it before.” Woolf grows almonds, pistachios, wine grapes, processing tomatoes and other California staples like garlic, onions and some vegetable crops. They also have a couple of processing plants for tomato and almond paste. FILE – In this June 9, 2021, file photo, a small stream runs through the dried, cracked earth of a former wetland near Tulelake, Calif. California regulators on Tuesday, Aug. 3 said some farmers in one of the country’s most important agricultural reg (AP Photo/Nathan Howard, File) Woolf said he markets about 75 to 80 million pounds of almonds annually. While many almond growers are tied down by orchards that cannot be irrigated and have made the decision to pull precious almond trees or drop plans to plant more, Woolf has been shifting his almond acreage north for about a decade. They moved as far north as Orland near Mendocino National Forest and as far south as Arvin, which is close

Official Kalifornia republic T-s Hoodie

to Sequoia National Forest, and saw that there was typically better water along the northern and eastern sides of the valley “We realized [that in] the area we were in, we were perpetually coming up short with water. And, we used to actually think about, ‘Well, maybe we could go up into the northern part of the state, maybe buy some land and transfer water to our own ranch.’ But, just moving water around in the state is really difficult. So … we came to the conclusion: ‘We should just start farming in other parts of the state where there’s better water and not think about trying to move it here,'” he said. However, even as some make the tough decision to cut certain crops and allocate water solely for almonds, many farmers are finding the demand is exceeding what they can produce. Record-breaking heat waves fueled by climate change have not helped growers and a recent report from Phys.org highlighted that more than 100-degree temperatures have sped up decomposition. Woolf said that while growers recognize the “dire” situation in the state, water has been transferred for other purposes in recent years, making it “vastly more unreliable.” He added that if the water supply is continuously constricted, crop prices will have to rise. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESS “If you think of California as one farm, we’re going to be really changing, over the course

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