Mxmtoon pool mxmtoon merch shirt

Part of the Mxmtoon pool mxmtoon merch shirt But appeal of getting an aura photo taken is to codify some internal truth about yourself as the placement and colors themselves have deeper meanings. Most present in the video is blue, representing communication and clarity, and green, which represents healing. As Ices sings, flashes of passionate red come through as well, a reminder that this is a song that confronts loss. That said, Ices and Brown are less interested in what the colors mean rather than what feelings they evoke in those who watch the music video. “It’s a really honest portrait of a song,” Brown says.

Mxmtoon pool mxmtoon merch shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

Mxmtoon pool mxmtoon merch shirt

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