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I will give you an example: on my last book, “Choose Yourself!” I obviously encouraged my readers to buy it. But another group, Stansberry Research, recommended it to their paying subscribers. In two weeks through them I sold tens of thousands of books. It took my free audience, which was millions bigger, three months to catch up in sales to an audience that had never even heard of me before. Now my book has sold over 100,000 copies and I’m getting ready to send out another email bundle to another list. This will be infinitely more valuable than any blog, podcast, marketing, whatever I use to promote my book on the Internet. I love the audience for my blog and these posts. I feel it’s one of the few times I’ve seen a community of genuine good people trying to improve. I don’t write here to sell books but to build community and make friends.

Larry Bird Legend Boston Celtics Basketball Air Bird Signature Ornament

That said, I am not an expert on marketing. +Ryan Holiday, who is an expert on book marketing (and also told me the term “outrage porn” yesterday), helped me with my book and was an invaluable resource and to this day still is. Ryan and Tucker Max and Nils Parker are building a company which will revolutionize this industry. This seems opposite of what I said above. But blogging is not such a bad idea. How come? Because it makes you write every day. And it also is fun to build friends and community around your blog.

Larry Bird Legend Boston Celtics Basketball Air Bird Signature Ornament Heart

Practice answering questions there. See what gets upvoted and what doesn’t. Improve your skills. See if you enjoy it. Then start taking some of your answers and making them into a blog. Then start guest posting on other sites. You have to be more creative than ever how you build an audience. The best Internet marketing I did was when I did a reddit AMA (which Ryan, above, set up). There’s a thousand ways to build community and practice writing on the Internet. Blog is one of them but there are many others. My #1 suggestion: first practice on myclubteeclothingltd (cc Marc Bodnick) If you go there, follow me and say “Hi!”. I had a friend who wanted to be a painter. “When I move to Paris I’ll finally be able to paint,” she said. She never moved to Paris. Now she’s a programmer and hates her job.

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