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either ban, or would ban, information about sexual orientation and gender identity, said Cristian González Cabrera, LGBT-rights researcher for Latin America and the Official Everybody counts or nobody counts shirt In other words Caribbean at Human Rights Watch. And laws often fail to tell the full story. Get the Morning Rundown Get a head start on the morning’s top stories. SIGN UP THIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY RECAPTCHA PRIVACY POLICY | TERMS OF SERVICE “Irrespective of what legal regime a youth finds themselves in, prejudice and discrimination in the region continue to be commonplace,” González Cabrera said. Recommended WORLD At least 38 killed in fire at industrial wholesaler in central China U.S. NEWS 1 dead, at least 16 hurt after SUV crashes into Massachusetts Apple store Vitinia Varela Mora said that her daughter, Ana María, decided to hide her lesbian identity after seeing other gay students bullied at her school in Tilarán, Costa Rica, which is about 124 miles (200km) from the capital, San José. She came out to her mother at 21. In some countries, mothers who try to help their children deal with discrimination suddenly find themselves the subject of scrutiny. Claudia Delfín tried to seek help in government offices for her transgender twins, who were facing bullying and discrimination in their school in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, when they were 16. “They told me to go to church and look for a better path. They practically sent me to pray,” Delfín said. Varela Mora of Costa Rica says it took her around two years to accept her daughter after the girl came out as a lesbian in what hit her mother like “a bucket of cold water.” “There’s a lack of education, no one prepares you for this,” Varela Mora said. Now she tries to make up for that by supporting other mothers whose children have come out of the closet. “It’s important for young people to

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Official Everybody counts or nobody counts shirt

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