3.6 roentgen not great not terrible vintage shirt


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There was a great nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union and we watched a miniseries about it this summer, along with the rest of the world, and many scenes were stolen by a world-class nincompoop named is Dyatlov, who represents everything fundamentally wrong with the universe. At a certain point in the miniseries, it turns out that although all hell breaks out everywhere, the only available sensors can measure the intensity of chest X-rays, or 3.6 Roentgens.


Dyatlov seems to misinterpret this information (all sensors are hot because we can measure it). Because of the fact that 3.6 3.6 Roentgens will not kill us, and reject the possibility that things may be bad Much worse than sensors that can tell us. Meanwhile, everyone he sent to see the reactor core was disappearing, or returning to look like a burnt pepperoni pizza was transferred in transit.


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