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I’ve never understood this Avenger Read Like A Hero shirt. He left them for the NFL Saban left Michigan State for another college job with no recent history of success. He was an assistant at Michigan State for years prior and nothing but a hired gun at LSU. Where do LSU fans get off acting betrayed? They literally bought the guy. Actually, Saban wanted Brees and management overruled him. His frustration with that was one of the main reasons he left to go back to college where he got a final to say in roster decisions. He didn’t go to the NFL and suddenly get stupid overnight, he just had to deal with stupid people….I don’t doubt your account, but how is it not a conflict of interest to have your own surgeon say something like that? I would think their responsibility to “do no harm” would conflict with the act of reducing a patient’s chances of finding work. As I mentioned elsewhere, this is where Brees’s account is slightly different Avenger Read Like A Hero shirt. In his version, he chose New Orleans over Miami because Saban didn’t have faith after his failed physical. Saban’s version suggests he opted to pass on Brees. Believe who you want – I just think it’s only fair to present both sides. Because they look at their hated arch-rival Alabama, and know the current dynasty they’re experiencing in Tuscaloosa could be theirs in Baton Rouge if Saban had only stayed (or come back after leaving the Dolphins). This is what I tell people. Sure, I dislike Alabama because I see Alabama as the big brother going “Stop hitting yourself.” There isn’t much LSU can do about it now, but eventually, we will grow up and be able to do something about it. Make it stop! Make it stop!

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