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Baby Yoda is adorable. Baby Yoda has cute concept art and now (sigh) a Funko Pop. Baby Yoda can use the Force. Baby Yoda hug Dr Pepper shirt.  But who is Baby Yoda? Where does he come from? Is he even a he? There are a lot of theories doing the rounds, so we thought we’d collate some of our own. We asked the CNET staff to beat around their own Baby Yoda theories.

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Be warned: They range from the reasonable (Yoda’s secret child) to the, uh… less reasonable (Yoda is a Horcrux). Baby Yoda hug Dr Pepper shirt. Echoing this conversation from earlier in the day — whatever species Yoda belongs to is 100% force sensitive, based on the evidence of the three we’ve seen in canon thus far. Since Jedi do not partner up, the Yoda species must therefore be the product of some kind of fission-based or budding process, as suggested by my colleague, Scott Stein, typical of asexual reproduction. Therefore, it is highly likely that the Yoda species is actually a sentient plant or fungus.

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Baby Yoda might look like an adorable Jedi Master, like someone took Yoda and put him in the oven like a Shrinky Dink. But really, he’s just a Muppet-sized bundle of fan service. A highly marketable character that’s gone through the requisite big-eyed Disneyfication we expect in the post-Lucas era. But don’t let his dilated pupils and peach fuzz head confuse you. He’s a force-levitating cash grab here to pull on your heartstrings and lure you deeper into the Star Wars universe. He’s a merch play. Like Baby Groot. Or the Porgs. Also, he’s definitely the result of some deeply messed-up puppet sex.


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