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Biden also thanked the Borgo The Case Artemio Shirt and I love this designers “for using your gifts to affect change.” After singling out some of the designers for the work they do outside of fashion—like Tory Burch’s mentoring of young female entrepreneurs and Prabal Gurung’s work to protect Nepali girls and women from sex trafficking and child labor—the former second lady said, “All of you are here today because you know what’s at stake and you know that you must be part of the solution.” Biden Owens thanked the designers for participating, acknowledging that “each of you has put your reputation on the line” by supporting her brother’s campaign in such a public way. “We are very, very grateful.” (She also reiterated what she said was the most important fashion statement of all this year: “Wear a damn mask.”)

Borgo The Case Artemio Shirt

Aurora James, who designed a We Make the Borgo The Case Artemio Shirt and I love this Difference sweatshirt for the collection, and whom Wintour said had “demonstrated a deep commitment to activism,” said that the Believe in Better collection was “more just items,” like a T-shirt and a scarf, but instead was a statement of purpose. “What we have here is a collective offering,” she said, “and a belief that the world can look a lot brighter than it does today.” Other designers who appeared included Gabriela Hearst, Vera Wang, and Kathryn and Lizzie Fortunato. The evening ended with a soulful performance of “Stand by Me,” by Jawan M. Jackson, one of the stars of the Temptations’ musical, Ain’t Too Proud—a poignant reminder that Broadway, like many cultural institutions, remains dark during a pandemic that has killed more than 190,000 Americans, and that there is, indeed, much at stake in this coming election.

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