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Obey Big Shot Shirt

Right? And you find yourself doing the Obey Big Shot Shirt in other words I will buy this same thing every day! I thought I was going to be sleeping in every day, but I get up early—almost 6 a.m.—every single day. I’ll get up, I’ll start writing, I go to the fridge, find something to eat, and then two hours later I’m at the fridge again. Then it’s lying down and watching movies, and then I’m recording. It’s the same thing. It’s crazy, but it’s kind of cool though. Yeah! That’s why we did the shot of stuffing the toilet paper in the fridge, putting stuff in random places—things that don’t belong. What’s the name of the turtle in your video

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When I first got him, I took him out of his little box and I let him walk on the Obey Big Shot Shirt in other words I will buy this hardwood floors and it sounded like he had on boots; I guess his shell kept hitting the ground. But my mom was upstairs and she asked, “What is that noise?” And I’m like, “It’s the turtle!” And she came down and we were like, “It sounds like he has boots on.” And that’s his name now.


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