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Whiskey Scotch is made from cereals, mainly barley (wheat). Barley is soaked in water for two days and then removed, spread thinly on a flat surface for germ growth. During immersion, starch in the barley converts into sugar. The next stage is to sprout the sprouts into the pot, dry by peat fire to stop the germs from growing, and absorb coal smoke and create incense. Next, the germ is minced and mixed with boiling water, stirred well, then fermented and distilled twice. For the first time, the content of refined wine is 30-40% and the second time, the content increases nearly twice. The most complicated task is at the second distillation, the first and the last amount of alcohol must be separated, but only the amount of mid-alcohol to reach about 68% and the specified flavor. The final stage is to put wine into wooden crates to grow into 15 to 20 years

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