Freddie Purrcury don’t stop meow shirt


If it’s so good, why has one of the ladies who helped create the vaccine not let her own daughters have it? It only stops one cause of cervical cancer not all. Weigh up the life changing illnesses and deaths against the very small upside. Is it really worth the risk? Wasn’t there a breakthrough around the same time VIagra was invented? I seem to recall that viagra got the prize while the cervical cancer achievement was left to walk.

Freddie Purrcury don’t stop meow shirt

Precious Tom so please tell us and show proof of when prayers have actually fixed something or made something better … we’ll wait. A vaccine story. Wait for the big pharma paid anti vaxxers to tell you why you should let your children get terrible illnesses that require expensive treatments. Good! My mother died an absolutely horrible protracted and painful death because of cervical cancer.

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