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It sucks that people are creating a shortage of a drug that people need, it’s absolutely ridiculous. I can understand your frustrations a little. I have Ankylosing spondylitis. Eating too many carbs will cause me to flare within a few hours. Way easier than stealing the narcotics. This drug is crucial for me and my autoimmune disease. I am scared of what is to come in the Gingerbread Nope Yes Christmas Sweatshirt few months. My mother has lupus and depends on this drug.

Gingerbread Nope Yes Christmas Sweatshirt

Some people impress me with their bravery. I’d hate to be a healthcare worker ever, especially right now. She is certainly a warrior for sure. When this started hitting my hospital back in early March a patient actually said that to me! It made my day. My wife and I tell this to anyone who’s in an essential position that we encounter. From what I’ve seen everyone is calmly hyped. I’d give you one if money wasn’t tight because of this COVID mess, but that made me laugh. This is just virtue signaling. We all say we care about grocery stores and health care workers, but no one is going to actually campaign that they get treated better. I think this is the Gingerbread Nope Yes Christmas Sweatshirt time I’ve ever said virtue signaling and not been sarcastic.

Gingerbread Nope Yes Christmas Sweats Hoodie

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