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It’s not every college student who can manage to juggle a full-on career while attending classes, but then, Ashley Pena isn’t every college student. The photographer, who recently shot British actor Jodie Turner-Smith for a Vogue feature, is still enrolled at NYU and trying to make the Cat Meowcrobiology Microbiology mouse fishbone shirt What’s more,I will buy this best of virtual classes, but she’s also making time for her art; last week, Vogue caught up with Pena about this exciting, if chaotic, moment of her career.I got my first camera when I was 15, for Christmas, so I just started photographing people around me. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing this whole time, but I just started working for other people.I did a shoot back in Maryland, right when the pandemic started, with my friend Kofi who was pregnant at the time. I’ve been trying to photograph a pregnant woman for a long time, and I know her well personally, so I was really happy with the outcome.It’s just the beauty of it all. I feel like having those photographs to show your children…Kofi just had her baby, so maybe she’ll see those photographs one day. I feel like those are important photographs to have in your family album.I always want to create something authentic, and I try to capture a little bit of vulnerability in every shoot that I do.It was really great. We shot last month, in August, and the weather was perfect, the whole team was great.I’ve always wanted to shoot Frank Ocean!I just started back at NYU, and everything’s online, which is obviously very different. It’s been good, to be honest, if only because I’ve figured out a lot during this pandemic about what I want to shoot and what work I want to create. I feel like I’ve really been finding my voice with photography. It’s so weird to do college online [laughs]…I never thought I’d be doing school online, but here we are!It’s a very recent development, but the school workload isn’t crazy so far, so I’ve been doing okay at balancing. I feel like I’ll know more about that later, though!

Cat Meowcrobiology Microbiology mouse fishbone shirt

How did Hillary Taymour come to name her brand Collina Strada? Collina is Italian for “hill,” and it’s what her Italian friends call her, and Strada translates to “road.” She says she likes the Cat Meowcrobiology Microbiology mouse fishbone shirt What’s more,I will buy this way the two words sound together, but there’s more meaning to derive from the moniker. It could mean walking up the side of a hill, or perhaps facing an uphill battle, which in Taymour’s case is the fight against climate change. Sustainability is the focal-point of her brand and while she is certainly doing her part, she is honest and straightforward about how far we have to go.

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