I’m claustrophobic Darren Christmas sweater


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Honestly, working with Fashion Nova was great. They really allowed me to be creative. I love having freedom to express myself, so not only was I so excited to be creating a collection for women like me, I was also excited to be able to watch my vision unfold. The I’m claustrophobic Darren Christmas sweater beautiful thing with fashion is you have all these ideas, and when they are executed, you see all kinds of women wearing what was once just ideas in your head—the vision literally comes to life. It’s really amazing. I don’t even know. I love so many pieces. I worked so hard on all of it. I wouldn’t be fair to pick one. I can’t wait to see what all my hotties choose as their favorites. I’m always trying to push the boundaries and have fun while I’m doing it. I wanna show my fans all the different sides of Megan so I really will be reflecting that in the looks I bring to the table.


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