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Wake up neighborHow can they make millions of Americans all of a sudden dependent on the government, crash businesses and the economy. To say this is the nation that rallied and built warrior planes by the 1,000’s out of toaster factories. The looters and other ordinary criminals who have never worked in their life are doing this too, just to increase the unemployment rate.

Clearwooder Baseball Philadelphia Phillies shirt

Sorry some brain washed low IQERs just hate what they are told to hate. USA GLOBAL HUMILIATION: Australia says of USA virus disaster: We are witnessing the fall of a great power. That’s what happens when you shutdown everybody’s businesses and put innocent people in house arrest.

Clearwooder Baseball Philadelphia Phillies s hoodie

Go to medical school first before making comments, they don’t paralyze your throat for incubation. Same with his voice, they have to paralyze your throat for the breathing tube. Haha what about the 587,675 people that aren’t talking any more due to this little bug.

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