New York Yankees 120th anniversary 1901 2021 shirt 

Steve Rogers is a veteran of World War II and also a leader of the Avengers team. After using Dr. Erskine’s super-soldier serum, Steve became strong and became a legend after World War 2. He is considered the first superhero in the world. He destroyed many of Hydra’s bases and weakened the organization. After destroying the infamous leader of HYDRA, Red Skull, the plane he was driving crashed into the North Pole and he froze for 70 years. After being revived by SHIELD, he feels lost in the new world. Once again becoming Captain America, he defends the world in battle against Chitauri’s army and becomes the leader of the Avengers. After the team disbanded due to the battle of Ultron, Captain America formed a new group with the Black Widow. But he must confront his friend Iron Man due to disagreement about the Treaty of Sokovia and the protection of the Winter Warrior. After all, Captain America was considered a fugitive.



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