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Over and over again. We talked to our landlord, and she said she’d have to catch him doing it to do anything, so I called her every time he did it, which was all the Official Fight Club Dwight Club shirt in other words I will buy this time. My dad has to knock when it’s closed because I might be naked, my mom can just kinda burst in lmao. My parents also wanna have mee keep my door open most of the time so I don’t stay in my own bubble and spend time with my family too. Another time, a woman just looked off, but somehow better than she has for 2 days. She was young, chest infection, few other bits going on but nothing serious. Wasn’t my patient but on my unit. I spoke to the doctor who happened to be my friend too, and I said: “I think this woman is going to go off”. That’s our way of saying they will have a cardiac arrest. My doctor friend knew what I’m like so just eyeballs the patient, says I’m being dramatic and she’s looking good, numbers are great, no reason for worry. Well an hour later shes completely hypoxic, goes blue and arrests. No warning signs at all, I’d got the other nurse to check her really closely because of my gut feeling, and there wasn’t a reason to suspect she would arrest until she went blue and collapsed. We did CPR and we get her to ICU and she survived. We have good reason to believe that all the rubbish she was coughing up from the infection blocked off her upper airway causing the hypoxic arrest. She happened to be nearby once, and she came over, used her key to get in after he didn’t respond to her knocking (because he couldn’t hear her), and she watched him slamming his vacuum into our wall for 20 straight minutes


Official Fight Club Dwight Club shirt

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