Official Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt


I was thinking the exact same thing in the last episode. It should have been the first thing out of the mouths of the Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt. Instead, it’s “I’ve always had green eyes!”  Also, why meet the dead in the field at all? Defend from within the castle and aim for the white walkers and watch them go from 100000+ to just the night king in no time? I like how people go straight to personal insults because you posted an image; one that clearly existed before you posted it. anyone that watched the film knows her character was not good. Don’t even get me started on that nonsense feminist power scene near the end of the movie. are we really saying that none of the male superheroes were around? Benjamin Adams That’s a very poor comparison. RDJ is playful and teasing in his interviews, purposefully slipping on his Tony Stark character for fans–which we love. His “arrogance” and “narcissism” are very sarcastic, he’s making a joke. Also, he is never hostile and on the Hard Rock Cafe Winterfell shirt.. Show me an MCU interview where he is. And at that, try showing me an interview where Brie Larson isn’t hostile and defensive.



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