Paint me green and call me a Pickle because I’m done dillin’ with you shirt 


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Perhaps I am not the first person to define such personality. I used to categorize my friend’s personality into two simple forms: personality and non-personality. If my friend told me “that person is very personal”. Without further explanation from my friends, I can also paint in my head the full image of “that”. Goosebumps. Dress differently. Always protect personal views. If someone says “it has no personality”. How could I imagine a meek, gentle, quiet girl? But more and more I realized that my view was shallow and superficial, because I only evaluated personality or meekness based on appearance. Is it really personality that must look different, but gentle, gentle, not considered a personality? No, I don’t think so. Why?


Super cow Lady super Woman super Tired but super Blessed Dandelion Shirt 

Racoon Drink All The Wine Ladies tee

Paint me green and call me a Pickle because I’m done dillin’ with you shirt 

Paint Me Green And Call Me A Pickle Because I'm Done Dillin' With You Ladies tee

I’m not always a cunt sometimes I’m a sleep shirt 

I'm Not Always A Cunt Sometimes I'm A Sleep Ladies tee

Can you Put Ativan in a Humidifier asking shirt 

Can You Put Ativan In A Humidifier Asking Ladies tee

A spoiled rotten Rottweiler mom rules my life shirt 

A Spoiled Rotten Rottweiler Mom Rules My Life Tank top

A July Girl Single stress is now gone life’s easter shirt 

A July Girl Single Stress Is Now Gone Life's Easter Ladies tee

A Girl who really loved Dogs and Had Tattoos shirt 

A Girl Who Really Loved Dogs And Had Tattoos Ladies tee

Leftovers Storage container it’s never butter shirt 

Wolf Pain Is Your Friends Pain Is Your Ally Pain Tells You Ladies tee


Dad Son and daughter Notre Dame Fighting Irish football ladies tee


Anniversary 100th season Chicago Bears shirt




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