Surviving the 2020 toilet paper crisis shirt


Dara Kass is a doctor but she is also a public speaker, a political activist, and a Park Slope mother of three. Over the Surviving the 2020 toilet paper crisis shirt but in fact I love this course of the past few weeks, however, she has reoriented her life so that she can put the health of the people of New York City first. Her children have been sent to live with her parents. She has divided up her house to minimize contact with her husband. I work at Columbia University’s hospital, which is part of New-York Presbyterian. Normally I work part-time as an attending in the ER, so I do very few shifts and a lot of telemedicine; this means I’m on the phone with patients all day. We have a very good direct-to-consumer virtual urgent care program. The minute this outbreak started, all the telemedicine clinics in the city saw the number of patients they were seeing explode. I have worked every day for the past 12 days, whether through telemedicine or at the hospital.

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