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It should be surprising that the Duchess of Sussex and the Princess of Wales have such parallel experiences. These were two women who entered the royal family with very different backgrounds and at very different points in their lives. The former married into the royal family in her late 30s, with a successful career behind her. The latter got engaged at just 19. The former is a divorced, biracial American; the latter, a British blue blood whose virginity was public knowledge. Plus, the monarchy, and society, was supposed to be better now—we’re more understanding, more progressive, more tolerant.

Jazz Sax Painting By Bob Gregory Shirt

But as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. And now two successive generations of viewers have grappled with the realization of how much pain a powerful institution can inflict on the very people who populate it.Opening up about loss and expressing grief candidly and unabashedly—or any reaction, for that matter—can create a sense of community and connectedness during an otherwise isolating time. 

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In Hammersmith, London, sitting at a felt-topped desk a short walk from her Victorian home, Swedish designer Beata Heuman has been preoccupied with how to be useful. Heuman’s first book, Every Room Should Sing, publishes today. She wrote it over the past year, largely in lockdown, while also running her interior design business, and as she typed, she tried to put herself at the kitchen tables of her readers. “I wanted to cover elements that often seem to be overlooked in design,” Heuman says over a video call, “things people struggle with, like expressing your personality, which can make people quite anxious.”

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