Top shirts on 2020kingtee on 2020/10/29


Retroreflective material is something we’ve played around with, artwise, for a while. It glows with direct light, and when I mix it with vibrant colored patterns, the Top shirts on 2020kingtee on 2020/10/29 also I will do this dual effect can be mesmerizing. Thematically, I’m lining them with vibrant African wax prints which is a callout to our past and future, and at the same time is interestingly problematic in terms of their origins involving Indonesia and the Dutch. —Coby Kennedy  Capes designed by Dionne Fraser-Carter and Steve Locke I chose to use black faux leather, inspired by the unofficial uniform of the former Black Panthers. I also chose denim to symbolize the all-American blue jean, which symbolizes unity. The various Ankara prints are used to acknowledge African heritage and the struggle for persons of color who are most often disenfranchised and politically and socially suppressed. We are living in an unprecedented socioeconomic climate to which millions of people of all backgrounds have been affected. Historically though, it has always been the descendants of the diaspora who have had to fight for their voices to be heard and their existence to be acknowledged as valuable. —Dionne Fraser-Carter


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