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ate it!” she wrote in a caption. “That’s why I loved Cookie Lyons so much! Yes, I was Cookie Lyons before there was a Cookie Lyons with my animal prints.” Empire’s gleefully over-the-top matriarch has been a fashion influence for many, and it’s easy to imagine Knowles pulling off one of Taraji P. Henson’s designer costumes. Still, Knowles’s take on the trend pre-dates the character by two decades, so she was ahead of the Top shirts on xayahshirt.wordpress on 2020/6/30 .
As kids, Beyoncé and Solange may have hated Tina’s prints, but they’ve come around in adulthood. The leopard spots, tiger stripes, and all

I like Bourbon and my smoker and maybe 3 people vintage shirt

xayahshirt-Love My Corpsman shirt

xayahshirt-Mermaid namaste beaches vintage shirt

xayahshirt-Love My Plumber shirt

xayahshirt-Never pick a fight with a drummer we beat things for pleasure shirt

xayahshirt-Ribertarian less politics more smoke bbq shirt

xayahshirt-That’s what i do i play D and D and i know things shirt

xayahshirt-Skellington coffee shirt

xayahshirt-That’s what I do I read books and I know things giraffe vintage shirt

xayahshirt-You may not remember but I will never forget alzheimer awareness shirt

xayahshirt-Weed plant whisperer shirt

xayahshirt-Tyrannosaurus no lives matter vintage shirt

xayahshirt-You guys silly i’m still gonna send it vintage shirt

xayahshirt-Love is a four legged word diamond shirt

xayahshirt-Life Behind Bars vintage shirt

xayahshirt-Jesus surfs vintage shirt

xayahshirt-LGBT sassy since birth salty by choice shirt

xayahshirt-Jesus October girl daughter of god my scars tell a story they are a reminder of time when life tried to break me but failed shirt

xayahshirt-I’m a retired teacher every hour is happy hour vintage shirt

xayahshirt-I’m a succa for plants vintage shirt

xayahshirt-I like Bourbon and my smoker and maybe 3 people vintage shirt