Top shirts Queenteeshirt on 2020/07/03


In the Top shirts Queenteeshirt on 2020/07/03 days of self-quarantine, Bridgers a homebody by nature who doesn’t drink and rhapsodizes about canceling social plans  found her daily routine “hilariously undisrupted, other than the soul-crushing anxiety.” Stuck alone at her home in Echo Park, Los Angeles, Bridgers kept up a routine of Zooming her bandmates, reading the 1872 lesbian vampire novel Carmilla, and exchanging gushing DMs with Billie Eilish about their mutual admiration society (as one does). Her Spotify playlist, “Catch Me Inside,” got an update with work from Liz Harris’s ambient solo project Grouper—“the saddest, most atmospheric stuff informing the end-of-the world environment—and upbeat dance artist Claud. “I’m craving stuff from my childhood, food-wise and entertainment-wise,” said Bridgers, lovingly describing meals of cereal and PB&J eaten and takeout cake from Sweet Laurel Bakery in the Pacific Palisades while watching The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.


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