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Even so, as Stone recounts her journey into the Official My Body My Choice shirt so you should to go to store and get this underbelly of Las Vegas nightlife while researching the role, to this day she is still forced to go off the record at points to explain just how deep she went. “I had worked in Vegas before so I knew people there, and once they knew I was making myself available ahead of the film, people started calling me saying, ‘I knew Geri. If you want to talk, I’ll meet you at 1 a.m. on the corner of this and this street. I’ll be wearing a blue shirt and we can talk.’ And we would meet secretly and they would give me information about her.” One anecdote she remembers hearing from a close friend of McGee’s was that her favorite song was B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”; after Scorsese asked what she was listening to all the time on set and she recounted the story, it ended up included in the film’s soundtrack.

Official My Body My Choice shirt

Unsurprisingly, the Official My Body My Choice shirt so you should to go to store and get this movie’s breathtakingly opulent fashions played an important part in Stone’s journey to inhabiting the character of Ginger with such commitment. Outfitted by costume designers Rita Ryack and John A. Dunn (reportedly working with a $1 million budget), the film is a rollercoaster ride through the gaudier corners of 1970s style, its eye-popping level of glitz matched only by the near-forensic research Ryack and Dunn underwent for the project. While they sourced plenty of clothes from vintage archives, they also took time to replicate specific looks they felt were essential to show Ginger’s eclectic tastes—in the case of a Courrèges suit she wears in a memorable scene disembarking from a plane, its recreation even involved making a replica of the brand’s logo. “If we couldn’t find specific replicas, then we would create an exact replica of a costume that was worn,” Stone explains.

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