Wakatatee-Kraken released shirt


Kraken released shirt

Phipps has never made any secret of his love for the Kraken released shirt and I will buy this great outdoors. The San Francisco-born designer grew up in the Bay Area, where he’d go skiing in the winter and hiking around Lake Tahoe in the summer; but despite living near a rock-climbing hotspot for much of his youth, it’s a passion he only discovered in New York, while working as a menswear designer for Marc Jacobs in his mid-twenties. His remarkably active lifestyle is reflected in his designs—practical, roomy cuts and technical fabrics honed by Phipps himself wearing them on his outdoor jaunts, or graphics paying tribute to subcultures that celebrate Mother Earth, from hippies to hikers—and the label’s emphasis on ethical production. All of his garments are manufactured in Portugal, a country that is a global leader in sustainable business practices in fashion, using eco-conscious textiles.

Kraken released shirt

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