Wakatatee-Marvel The Sensational She-Hulk Shirt


Marvel The Sensational She-Hulk Shirt

When I do interviews people sometimes ask me, ‘What do you think is luxury  Right now it is the Marvel The Sensational She-Hulk Shirt it is in the first place but luxury to have time to do things. The positive—I know it’s a controversial word—side of all this delirium of the virus is that we have gained the luxury of time, which we never had until this happened. This is a time to think about new projects and the future, which will be tough, but obviously there will be a future. Looking for the positive, I think [this pause]is going to be a way to restart and to rethink how to do things. I was talking with my Master Class students this morning and they were asking ‘What do you see after?’ I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I see is that fashion won’t be about quantity anymore, but quality. Before it was quantity everywhere: Quantity of production, quantity of shows, quantity of samples—so the quality wasn’t considered enough.

Marvel The Sensational She-Hulk Shirt

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