Wu Tang Ugly Christmas 2020 Sweater


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Wu Tang Ugly Christmas 2020 Sweater

Veep might sound like the Wu Tang Ugly Christmas 2020 Sweater worst possible show to watch right now, but hear me out; I don’t actually want to stray too far from reality right now. If I delve into Never Been Kissed or The Notebook or the oeuvre of Nora Ephron, I might feel okay for an hour or two, but there will come an inevitable moment when the credits roll, the music softens, and I’m forced to reenter the real world and face all of its attendant problems. No, thanks; it would feel like stepping out of a warm bubble bath and directly into a Category 5 snowstorm. What I want to gorge on instead is a fictional American political system, a vision of the electoral process that’s even more flawed and miserable and profanity-inducing than the one we’re all currently living through, and Veep has all of that. Sure, it’s technically a satire, but…is it? (After all, this whole Nevada mess was predicted with a spooky degree of accuracy by the show in 2016.)


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