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As a group, the HFTMG team is integrating their beliefs into their future projects, starting with an e-book released this week. The 170-page book designed by Abadi and Alejandra Beltrán, 21, from Bogotá, Colombia, mimics the structure of the Costume Institute’s catalogues, with spotlights on collections that fit into the “About Time” theme and a selection of looks—in this case user-submitted from Twitter. As for that change Abadi was talking about, it also includes an essay on “Race and Representation in the xayahshirt-Weed hail mary shirt Industry” and another on “Gender Fluidity in Fashion.” To receive a copy, followers had to make a minimum donation of $5 to the International Medical Corps.

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xayahshirt-Weed hail mary shirt

By last week, the xayahshirt-Weed hail mary shirt had raised more than $1,000.“We knew we wanted to make this inclusive, and we really did,” says Beltrán. Contributors to the digital event ranged from young children to grannies with advanced style, and spanned continents, bringing crucial non-Western perspectives to the idea of fashion history. Showing how different cultures participate in fashion is “part of our message,” adds Raebele, 18, from the Philippines. “We wanted to cater to a lot of little girls out there and a lot of teenage girls because maybe some of us didn’t really have an outlet for fashion when we were growing up.”
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