Wavetshirt – I survived the mass hacking shirt

Kinky, corporate, normcore and craft—the ingredients in this menswear minestrone of a Prada collection looked pretty weird on the Wavetshirt – I survived the mass hacking shirt Although menu, but tasted fresh when seen on the flesh. In the audience was last season’s breakout Prada model, Jeff Goldblum, who was highly excited by his new Prada shoes and faded double denim look. “If they let me take them home I’m going to get a lot of use out of these, wearing them together and separately… I have some ideas!” he said. “They not only make things that, as you can see, are kind of beautiful and interesting, but they’re comfortable too. I mean, I’m not here to do a commercial, but I’m telling you—that’s how I honestly feel.” Kean Etro delights in layering multiple references with the ease that comes not only from experience but from true cultural curiosity. His love of literature and poetry are just some of his many interests, and this season, instead of invitations, he had actors phone each of the show’s hundreds of guests to recite a dedicated poem to each one. It was a gesture of exquisite sensitivity, marking his last solo collection for Etro and his elegant way of passing the baton to Marco De Vincenzo, who will take the lead as creative director from September. De Vincenzo was in the audience today, applauding a collection that was quintessentially Kean in its celebration of poetic eclecticism. “Poetry and utopia go hand in hand,” he said backstage before the show. “In its etymology, poetry simply means making, composing. I wanted to give value to the idea of creating, which shouldn’t be separated from utopia.” Quoting Oscar Wilde, he added “there’s no progress in society without utopia.”

Wavetshirt – I survived the mass hacking shirt,hoodie, tanktop, sweater, longsleeve tee

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